Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bite me: 生煎包 Fried Steamed Buns

Finding cuisine of other cities in our university town is very essential to curing home sickness. For instance, only 40% of my classmates are Chongqing natives, which leaves many hungry tummies wanting. The fact that the Northerners eat little pepper makes it even more crucial to find their own feeding holes. I've introduced you to the Shandong wrap and XinJiang Chicken plate; now let's head to Shanghai.

Chinese breakfast generally invests in a meat-filled steamed bun called Bāozi 包子 or as I like to call it 'All in One'. This has been remixed by frying either the raw or steamed bun using just enough oil to cover the bottom. They are covered and fried in a shallow pan for a couple minutes, sprinkled with black sesame seeds, covered, sprinkled with fresh chive, covered, then uncovered and leaned to one side until all the liquid is dried out. Olympic gymnastic style precision.

Nice kicks chef!
The result is a crispy bottom, soft bread top and a juicy inside. For storage, it is placed crispy side up under a heated lamp, because cold and soggy is not optional. This particular outlet uses water to fry because it removes heat from the body as opposed to the original oil method which heats the body up. Nobody living in 40 degrees Celcius Chongqing wants that.

Fresh and ready to eat
I eat about seven in one setting but only because the four pack deal is such a tease. This is a breakfast food but since this outlet is open up to 10 pm ... *wink wink*. Don't play. I see you eating pancakes at midnight.

Can't wait to see what city I find next! ... stay tuned!