Monday, April 28, 2014

Cooking @ Dawn: Vietnamese Shrimp Chips

So I scamper to the kitchen to make some Ice Cream Popcorn (popcorn layered in whipped vanilla cake frosting) when I bump into my Vietnamese friend. She also couldn't sleep and decided to cook at dawn.

In her arsenal were these instachips. They were already sliced and flavoured. Just fry in oil and poof! Large, puff, crunchy chips. And shrimp none the less. Say it with me: YUM!!

Of course, I couldn't find them in China. Such a bubble burster! But I did order some so expect an update soon!

For the popcorn, simply cook 2 parts popcorn to 1 part oil on medium heat. While hot, add frosting to taste. 1-2 parts should do it. A tip of salt to enhance the flavor. You're welcome!! 0(-_-)0