Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bite me: 椰子角 Coconut Horns

Hai Nan Island 海南 is on every foreigner's and local's list of dream vacations. Located in the South China Sea, it's sunny all year round with beaches that would be a sight for these sore eyes. While I wait on that dream to materialize, I'm munching on this coconut snack. How proactive of me.

This 椰子角 roughly translated as Coconut Horns. The coconut flesh is cut into angular pieces and dried half way for thickness and juiciness. Then it's covered in powdered sugar. Oh la la...

When I can't go outside, pick me a dry coconut and nibble on the fresh pieces, which is all the time, at least I have this. If you don't know a Hai Nan native or have no plans to visit, the online Taobao store has tons of these. In the meantime, I'm trying to locate the packaging manager: