Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bite me: Belmont Estate Bon Bon Chocolates

If love were a language, chocolate would be its translator and Valentines day would be celebrated every day. Belmont Estate Bon Bon Chocolates brought me close to that kind of love this week. Belmont Estate, located in Grenada, is known for their award winning organic chocolate. When eating their bon bons, the rich, dark chocolate blends so easily with local fruit and nuts that you really do forget where you are at the moment. Here are the ones that captured my taste buds. I apologise in advance for the butchering you will see below.

Pรขte de Mango: 

Mango lovers will enjoy the firm, yet chewy mango inside, which most definitely subdues the thin chocolate coating. No surprise there, since mango has been known to overpower clothes and body parts with its aroma since its existence. 

Sea Almond Praline:

Sea or Tropical Almonds are found on the beach and coastline and taste much different to typical almonds. It's a soft, salty crunch that makes you forget it's a nut because of the gentleness of the inner layers. I think it's the perfect center to this bon bon.

Condicion and Cashew Chocolate Crunch:

Condicion is a close relative of Carambola/Five Finger/Star Fruit. This acidic fruit blended with cashew nuts and chocolate ensures that no taste bud feels left out.

River Antoine Truffle:

Simply put, this is a shot of rum in a trufffle, and that's just after one bite, no make that a nibble. Local River Antoine Rum (75% alcohol content) made at Grenada's oldest rum factory is the Clyde to this Bonnie. Overall, it's smooth and fiery and makes you go 'oh', 'AH' and 'Can I have another?'

Soursop Truffle: 

Soursop, also called Graviola or Custard Apple, provides the bon bon with a creamy, mellow tart filling. Again, another beautiful fusion of fruit flavor and chocolate.

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