Friday, February 14, 2014

The Travelling Nutmeg: Can you smell the love?

It is Valentine's day and no matter how much you try to ignore it, passing couples, pink and red decor and cravings for chocolate will be around every corner. So I give in and I celebrate with my partner in crime...good old faithful 肚子 Dùzi (belly).

These are some of the cherished moments we have spent over the past couple of weeks.


Bang Bang
He loves a traditional breakfast of Bang Bang. Bang Bang is a local flat bread made from cassava after it has been grated, fermented and washed. It's then shaped and roasted. After eating one of these with a cup of cocoa tea, he is so satisfied, that I have to call him at lunch time. Sometimes, we skip it all together.

A lighter option is this oat and flax seed porridge flavoured with local spices and sweetened with condensed milk.


Falafel Pita at Umbrella's Beach Bar
Lunch is a new twist on an old favorite. He loves Chickpeas (Garbanzo beans), so this Middle Eastern dish hits the spot. The falafels are spicy, covered in greens and super healthy. Perfect for any vegetarian.


Fruit plate
A fruit plate of sweet paw-paw and tart carambola coupled with fresh coconut water and jelly is easy on Duzi without being too filling.


Fish and Chips at Le Chateau Restaurant
Fried Fish and Chips is a classic Grenadian dinner. He isn't fooled by the extra greens on the side that attempt to make this look healthy. But it's pleasure eating, so he loves it anyway.


Banana Split at Le Chateau Restaurant
A local banana split featuring a favourite, nutmeg ice cream. Local chocolate sauce and peanuts seal the deal.

Moko Jumbie
This delightful treat is not just ice cream and brownies. Moko Jumbie is a stilt dance made popular in Trinidad. This dessert makes you feel like you can climb those stilts and dance all the way down Maurice Bishop Highway. If you are in the area, check Umbrella's Beach Bar on Grand Anse Beach for sweet bliss.

Trinidad Moko Jumbie Dancer

My tummy had more than enough treats since visiting Grenada and this is an experience that neither of us will forget.

But in all seriousness, don't forget to spread the love with everyone around. And not just today, Valentine's day. Everyday take the opportunity to show others you care. You will be one step closer to making the world a brighter place.