Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bite me: Top 10 train travel food essentials

I get so excited when it's time to travel; plane, train, boat whatever it may be. My current trip began with a train ride of 24 hours. Nope, there was no way around it. So instead of complaining about the fact that I won't get to flirt with a handsome air host, I made preparations for a comfortable ride and that obviously meant carrying things that made my tummy happy. With the help of my friends and the experiences of previous train excursions, I gathered a bunch of traditional and maybe not so traditional travel food essentials for the long journey ahead.    

10. Fast food: KFC, Mc Donalds, pick your poison. It's easy to find and easy to purchase. The greasy nature also keeps you full for sometime.

9. Crackers and cookies: Salty and sweet, feeds the kid in you and keeps the cravings at bay

8. Cake and candy: Like above, great for cravings and great conversation starters too.

7.Canned soup or congee (rice porridge): A popular breakfast dish that is also available in the convenience of a can and many flavors. The tin heated in hot water to make the contents appetizing.

6. Fresh fruit: Oranges, apples, kumquats keep the body's metabolism a constant boost which works against the sluggish feeling of long travel.

5. Duck meat: I can't remember a trip where I have not been offered a leg of rotisserie duck..and it tastes goooooddd...

4. Preserved meat: Beef strips, chicken feet or dried tofu are all fan favorites. I believe these are the cheese curls of the Chinese snack world.

3. Sunflower seeds: Every passenger can be seen with a mountain of empty shells before them because the monotony of cracking them matches that of the train ride, that it passes idle time well. The saltiness also helps to lessen trips to the bathroom.

2. Convenient noodles: Complete with vegetables, sauces, seasonings in a ready-to-eat bowl, all you need to add is hot water and dinner is served.

1. Water bottle (summer) or flask (winter): These may be filled with plain water or tea and will be constantly refreshed as the journey goes on.

Have you ever had a long distance journey? What are some of your food essentials?