Wednesday, January 1, 2014

真的吗?:New year, New food?

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey in 2013. I hope and pray that 2014 will bring many more wonderful food-related opportunities my way to share with you.
Unfinished noodle soup

Watermelon and Cheese is a true reflection of what I eat, so you are probably wondering how I survived such a circus diet. At first, it started as 'when in China, eat like the Chinese'. That meant you needed to master efficient chopstick use. I am still working on that but once you have worked so hard to put it in your mouth, you should eat it right?

The island girl spirit of 'never see, come see' also contributed to active sampling of new foods. And yes there were instances of upset stomach but my Antiguan brothers taught me well. Try it THREE times to confirm that particular thing made you sick. With the exception of Black Fungus 木耳 Muer  (apparently I am allergic),  either something else was the culprit or my tummy grew in resilience. Safe to say this method is more effective than the three second rule.

Black Fungus 木耳
Lastly, the only way I could truly adapt to a place so far away from home is by understanding their culture. Every food choice made by the Chinese is backed by a world of reason. I have learnt to trust that and found myself becoming healthier and happier. So this year, I will break down any remaining walls of fear and doubt. Look forward to many more hair-raising, appetite-awakening foods coming your way.