Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bite me: Bakery obsessions

I mentioned previously my deep, unending love for baked goods so it was only inevitable that this would happen...The ultimate pastry blog post. Here are some of my favorites:

Local cinnabon
Old habits of eating pastries while studying die hard. The rich, creamy icing of the cinnamon roll is just the sugar rush I need to keep at the books.

Cheese roll
Cheese roll features a cheese filling flavored with oregano and thyme. They could reinvent the wheel as much as they wish but it never gets better than this.

Meat Loaf
When I need something a little heavier, I go for a meat loaf filled with salami, tomato sauce and cheese. My taste buds are never disappointed.

Good old Currant Roll
Currant roll is one European pastry that has stood the test of time. Thick pastry is balanced with juicy dried currants.

More pastries coming soon!