Wednesday, September 4, 2013

真的吗?:How to treat burns

There is nothing like your lips making contact with your cup of tea when you're suddenly interrupted by a scorched tongue. You hope your tongue would man up so you can finish drinking but instead you have to abandon the whole idea.

Those kind of burns are pretty easy to get over. In two to three days, if that long, the numbness and dryness of the area is healed. In the meantime, ice chips and yogurt are great for soothing the pain. Some have even suggested honey and tea but I say who lets a fly back in, after chasing it outside.

Skin, on the other hand, doesn't heal as quickly as the tongue, for reasons you can read about here, so the outcome of your burn and scar depends on how you act in that moment.

Firstly, turn off whatever you're cooking (the chicken and chips can wait) and focus on YOU. So long as you feel that sizzle, your skin cells are frying away. A wet cloth is very soothing but your best option is running water. Water helps to carry heat away from the area. You should do this for a couple minutes or until the pain has subsided. If you notice water balloons under your skin, you officially have second degree burns. Please don't pop them. Clean your hands and the area with water and soap. Depending on the area, you can apply gauze but the best option is open air healing. Clean and reapply gauze every couple days. When the skin has dried and healed, treat daily with coconut oil to lessen any darkening of the skin.

How do I know all this? These are the things I should have done. I experienced second degree burns that left me immobile for 2 weeks because I wouldn't stop frying that chicken (the struggle is real for this vegetarian).

Finally a little True or False:

Toothpaste be used on burns? True. Works very well on minor burns e.g from a flat iron or pot graze. Speeds up the healing process.

Petroleum jelly be used on burns? False. My granny used to slather me in lard so I know. No form of oil or grease should be used on a fresh burn as it blocks air from reaching the bruise and slows down the healing process.