Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Daddy taught me: Infused Oils

Rummaging through my spice basket, I came across some home-grown and dried rosemary. I always cook rosemary and garlic flavored rice but I longed to do something more challenging. Then I remembered the oil bottles that lined our kitchen counter.  Infused oils are really simple and gives food a whole different scope.  Seasonings such as rosemary, cloves, chili pepper and garlic are a great place to start. They are great in salads, meats, baked goods etc. Here are two simple recipes, one for the cooks and one for team natural hair. As always, I encourage experimenting in the kitchen.

Rosemary infused oil

small bottle/jar 
olive oil (preferred for its flavor but not necessary)
dried rosemary

1. On a clean surface, crush rosemary into smaller bits to increase the richness of the flavor.

2. In your container of choice, pour in the desired amount of oil and cover adequately with rosemary. Ensure that the oil is completely covered to maintain oil quality. Tightly cover the container.

3. Place container in a dark, dry place e.g. a cupboard for about 21 days. 

4. Once ready for use, you can strain and place in a fresh container. I prefer to keep it in the original container and strain at the time of cooking. Whichever is more convenient for you.

5. For long lasting taste, keep in a shaded area.

6. For team natural, simply add lavender to the mix, for a soothed scalp and stronger hair.