Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bite me: 凉糕 Cool Cake

Cool cake or 凉糕 Liáng gāo is another great snack for the summer and even autumn months. It's a starch jelly-like pudding with a very simple taste that makes it easy to eat. And you actually feel cooler after a few minutes of eating. I had the amazing opportunity to make my own, free of preservatives and had so much fun making different flavors.


The original version is made with rice powder, Amorphophallus konjac powderCarrageenan powdersalt and water. Amorphophallus konjac is a root plant that is very common to the Asian region. When powdered, it is extremely low in calories (no protein, carbs or fats) and high in soluble fiber, so it plays a huge role in the weight loss industry and regulating diabetes. Carrageenanlike agar, is found in seaweed and is a vegan alternative to gelatin. Adding sweet potato powder produces a purple brown version and a soft hint of sweetness for a more delicate taste. Adding  powder of the Prema plant gives a green shrubby color and slight bitterness. But if it's one thing I've learnt, bitter flavors shadow a whole ton of health advantages. Check them out here

Some serve it with brown sugar syrup for a sweet dessert or lime and soy sauce for a more savory snack. Either way Cool Cake is fun to eat.