Friday, July 17, 2015

The Travelling Nutmeg: Living the High Life

In a country where ordinary travel is very convenient and affordable and a university student budget is in consideration, flying becomes a luxury. Recently, yours truly had the opportunity to soar the clouds and it's amazing what you can learn from a different vantage point.

I was always a dreamer in Geography class and being up there helped me to understand why. Clouds, as creatively moulded as they are, allow you a realm of imagination, that otherwise would have you labelled as in need of psychiatric help.

The jets were much too fast to capture but fascinating to stare at. 

 And of course the thicker the masses, the more evident the turbulence.

 My excitement peaked when I noticed glitter-like particles right outside my window. Although I have never been to Disneyland, I wouldn't expected anything less that sparkles in the sky.

However my child-like bliss was cut short when I connected the 'glitter' to the approach of very shadow-coloured clouds,  a clear indication of the pollution and high concentration of dust particles prevalent in many cities in this region.

I tried to cheer myself up with food. Local airlines vary but this was my treat.

Considering that the human body will remain in a stationary position for quite some time, the above meal is a great example of food that will keep the metabolism at an active rate without sacrificing variety. Some airlines tend to serve protein and fat heavy meals to satisfy their passengers but there are different ways to achieve satiety. The main meal of noodles and meat sauce, a nod to Spaghetti Bolognese, is presented in a smaller than usual portion to allow the vegetable and fruit salad opportunity to round of the meal with some 'pick me up' vitamins and antioxidants. But before I get carried away, I'm coming off the soap box and in case you are still wondering, this meal did brighten my mood.

Keeping in line with health awareness, on landing, I aimed to rehydrate ma cells. I forgot the rule that 'Thou shalt knoweth the price of what drinketh' and proceeded to order still water at my hotel. I was served with this glass bottle of Voss water. Previously, I had never drank artesian water but I was aware of the world wide search for 'pure' water and from the reviews, Voss seems to be one of the answers. Beautiful tasting water indeed. Beautifully priced as well.

Nutrition facts: Ions _ Sodium 5-7, Chloride 8-14, Magnesium 0.8-1.2, Calcium 5-6; total dissolved solids 39-51; ph 5.3-5.7.

During a walk to the mall, I came across one of the most quickly spreading and newly opened chain stores in China, Miniso. Items range from cosmetics to electronics to household items all cute, blingified and brightly coloured with a starting price of 10 RMB.

It's the kind of store that will make you buy a lot of somethings for no reason. Haha and that's not always a bad thing. Like of course I need a neon-coloured adaptor, and a pink power bank. Those cute cow slippers, got to have it. And before I forget, that Starbucks mug is a must for my couch read.

Finally, I'll let you in on one of my favourite pastimes- aisle shopping which simply means window shopping in the supermarket. I love looking for new varieties of food and checking out the local market trends.

I want to cook all of these right now

I didn't know that I would ever spot four varieties of eggplants in China at the SAME TIME. And yet none of them resembled what I eat back home.

Meat is best bought fresh in Chinese supermarkets

As for these guys, no matter how much I love eating them, I can't stand to see them alive. Go figure.

In the tea section, the sorrel first caught my eye but I was quickly distracted by this fruit tea. A brew of dried kiwi, melon, pineapple and hawthorn sounds delightful. I am all for non-traditional teas.

And that is a run through of my very random visit to a very random city. Doesn't hurt to play tourist every now and then. You know, live a slice of the high life. But like Cinderella when the clock strikes, it's back to reality. So enjoy your moments when you're in them, find joy in the little things and live without limit or regret!