Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bite me: Boxed Coconut Water

As soon as I saw this coconut drink on the shelf, my brain DJ started up with Vivir mi Vida and I did a little jig. Couldn't afford to add a 'crazy' label to already existing 'foreigner' one so I kept the dancing to a minimum.

But it had been a year, 6 months and 5 days since I let warm, wet sand curl under my toes. I was obviously in withdrawal. It didn't help that the only two ways that my friends could relate to the Caribbean were 1. The movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 2. the image of sipping coconut water on the beach. They had brainwashed me until I started longing to grab a 'Water Nut', as we affectionately called it, and tip it to the sky as I emptied it into my waiting tummy. Pirating was not an option unless we're talking music and movies.

VidaCoco was a life saver. I've tried other boxed coconut water but this is a real as it gets in terms of taste. No funny tasting additives with the extra ingredients being less than 1% natural fruit sugar and Vitamin C. I also tried buying the actual water nut of the shelf. No bueno. Those guys DID NOT survive passage well.

So for this brief moment, when the nearest beach is 1041 miles away, I will sit on my balcony and tip my box of coconut water sky instead.