Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Graduation taught me: How to celebrate - Photo Gallery

Graduation this year was like celebrating a birthday on Christmas day. The celebrations seem never ending. And they were all in the name of FOOD. Consider with me for a moment, how every country and its tribes speak their own language, inform in their own accent, insert special's impossible that every dish that we as people cook would be the same. When the character of the cook infuses into meal and fleshes out unto a plate, food finds its voice. This was evident during our African-Caribbean dinner. Everyone brought a dish, either with ingredients authentic to their country or adapted to China. There was Lasagna, Potato Salad, BBQ chicken,

Samosas from Rwanda

 Pie from Tonga

Crepes from Cameroon

 Fried balls from Uganda

 Meat balls from Uganda

 Ndole from Cameroon
Bitter leaves in Peanut Soup
 King Fufu

Flan from Cape Verde

Dinner with my Chinese classmates was much different. When going out, we always choose a statement restaurant. A restaurant with a particular style of flavour, cuisine or ingredient. One time we did ants, another time it was strictly shell fish. In this case Goose Feet and Fries. Minus the appetizers of course. We warmed up with:

Cold noodles

Fried Peanuts

Liang fen, a type of starch noodle

In the mean time vegetables and meat was added to the bottom pot, below the main dish, as part of the appetizer.

We shared the main dish and appetizers per Chinese customs.

and it's as tasty as it looks

Man of the hour! 

We ordered two rounds and it ended the same way each time.

We also took a break from tradition and had 'Western' food. The thing is, that Chinese take out that you love so much, the sweet and sour chicken that you crave in the middle of the night, doesn't exist here. Local food tastes nothing like that. Sorry if I'm bursting any bubbles. Same goes for Western food. But it's as close as we can get to a home-cooked meal, so we take it.

Restaurants are popping up every season with new approaches to food. The other day I had to choose between TWO Durian shops. Everything from cakes and milkshakes to ice cream and tarts overwhelmed with Durian flavour.

 Durian fruit is like that really loud friend, who turns out to be the life of the party but after getting down with him all night, you still go home with a bad taste in your mouth.

However, back on point, China, and in particular Chongqing, offers never-ending options of cuisine. And as people who love to eat, we are not complaining. 

You have no excuse to have the same dining experience twice.

 All you need is a reason to celebrate!

Choose wisely and eat to you tummy's content.