Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Quick Fix: Meat 'substitute'

If it isn't the flesh of an animal, it's not meat right? Right.

Meat substitutes are a bit misleading right? Right. I'm looking at you tofurkey.

Glad that we're on the same page.

The first meat substitute that I was introduced to was soya chunks. Dried pieces of soya that could be reconstituted with water or gravy in such a manner that I would be convinced it was a healthy alternative to meat. Not even the texture fooled me.

I carried this memory to China and it preventing me from eating tofu for a long time. However, realizing that it was the only way to expand my protein intake without overloading on actual meat, I gave in and it was a wonderful decision.

It's easy to eat something when you call it as it is.

That being said...

When I'm not eating meat, in addition to tofu,  I tend to rely on eggplants and many varieties of mushrooms. Although they are not high in protein, they absorb seasoning and flavour very well and adapt texture according to preparation style.

If I'm cooking for others I try to be considerate of their tastes. The other day, when attempting Lasagna, I ran out of minced meat and guess what 'substitute' came in handy. Yup. Eggplants.

The smaller the cut, the harder to detect. And with it's willingness to sacrifice its identity for the greater good of the meal, I was all too grateful.

A Lasagna saved. Not to mention I was about to cook it in a rice cooker so we were already far from authentic.

And that's your Quick Fix for today!