Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quick Fix: Gym Snack Hack

The only feeling more consuming that the high from a good run, is the immediate fatigue. And you need food ready to plug into the system. That's where red Dragon fruit steps up. And just for the record, I have nothing against the white version. Except there more phenols and other antioxidants this species.

After cardio exercises, the body needs water, simple sugars and electrolytes to recharge. Depending on where your fruit was grown you can get up to 85-89g of Moisture, 8-12g of Carbohydrates, 13-26mg of Magnesium, 158g-437mg Potassium, 14-35mg Sodium, 85-890ug Vitamin A, 8-9mg Vitamin C from every 100g.  This is an energy drink in pink wrapping paper without the calories and loads of sugar.

Just before your session, place in freezer for a lil chill and when it's time, eat with a spoon. No peeling or clean up required.

Do you have any favorite gym snacks? Drop a line in the comments below.