Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bite me: 巧克力香草莓 Chocolate Strawberries

Firstly, much thanks to marvelous person who came up with chocolate-covered strawberries. A combination of heart shaped berries and the food of the gods can only be considered eternal bliss. Seems like the Chinese have taken it a notch higher and placed the chocolate flavor in the strawberries.

The vendor claimed that chocolate was used in the growing process to accomplish the flavor fusion. To add to the hype, he offered to sell me milk flavored strawberries while treating me to a mischievous eye twinkle. Felt like Snow White buying that dreadfully beautiful apple. Playing along, I purchased a couple and put my friends to the test.

At first sniff, most persons registered notes of pineapple and of course strawberry but definitely nothing of a chocolate nature. It was much sweeter and less acidic that the most strawberries, especially as the season is coming to an end, so at least the vendor kept his promise that it was more 'deelishush'.

At the end of the day I was going to have my chocolate strawberries so I did what anyone would in my position. I melted 2 squares Belmont Estate Nib-a-licious Dark Chocolate. Double the antioxidants, double the fun...Next time I'm buying cheese flavored watermolon *wink wink*