Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Daddy taught me: Spring in a glass

With the abundance of fruit this season, juicing and smoothie making comes naturally and constantly.  Enjoy the beautiful mix of fruit below. The frozen watermelon and banana gives texture and thickness and long an provides a natural sweetness with creamy tones.

Spring in a glass

200 ml milk
11/2 cups plain yoghurt
250 g paw-paw (don't you love that name)
300 g watermelon, frozen
2 large bananas, frozen
1 tbsp brown sugar
8 long an
Juice of one orange
*Dash of Angostura Bitters

1. Cut fruit based on your blender. If you got one of those super bullet thingy, no cutting for you. For an ordinary blender, cube with compassion.

2. First blend frozen and then fresh fruit together. Follow up with liquids and sugar. Lastly but optional, Angostura Bitters.

3. Decorate with edible flowers or sprinkle with bee pollen for the true spirit of Spring.