Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bite me Christmas: Guinness Stout Punch

No coincidence the supermarket had this in stock for Christmas

As a kid, I recall being bombarded with multiple TV ads of  "Guinness, it's good for you", "I got the power" remixes and a superhero named Micheal Power who could escape fires and land unscathed from high buildings. An after-work Friday lime was not complete without a Guinness (T.G.I.F = True Guinness Is Forever). With the addition of milk, angostura bitters, a dash of spices and sometimes an egg, it evolves into a punch for contenders of the World Strongest Man competition or at least makes you feel like one.

If Barbie drank Guinness....

For the ultimate hookup recipe check Chris at www.caribbeanpot.com and bring in your Christmas Eve feeling unstoppable.