Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quick Fix: 学生抗镇定剂 Student Anti-Depressants

I started this day at 5:00 am with lots of hope. The dreary rains of yesterday were trickling its last drops but just enough so that I could wear  my cute rain-boots without looking like el niño and la niña.

But while the sunshine came out, the storms of my life were acting up. And since we are supposed to be stronger than our circumstances, I took that strength, walked myself to the nearest supermarket and stock up on some anti-depressants....

......which in retrospect should have contained less sugar. But hey, my mind was in quite the fog. What we have here is, the only vanilla-flavoured  ice cream on the shelf, copy cat kit-kat, fake Oreos (those with the Chinese characters are a bit on the bleached side less chocolaty) and fortunately, genuine tasting M&Ms.

Please note: there are no rules!!! That's how our day got messed up in the first place.....nuts, jelly beans, dried fruits, corn (it's a chinese thing but trust me!!), just stuff the pain away with random food in overdosed proportions.

For these crushed Oreos, take all the pent-up frustrations, grab the nearest object and crash it in..wait...no...that sounds like my childhood whooping sessions...um grab a cup and knock gently against a bag filled with Oreos until they fall apart. That should be enough. And visit a MMA class near you as soon as possible.

Don't keep the ice-cream out too long or you'll have to delay the fun times.....

Now embrace a sugar high as you forget the troubles of the day......

P.S. If you can't handle your sugar, stay in ya room. No one likes a sugar junkie!